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How to (actually) change the world

Thinking critically about how you can use your career to solve the world's most important problems.

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What you'll be able to do

This course covers the foundational toolkit to work out how you could make a large and lasting difference in the world.

Analyze problems to find where you can make the biggest difference.

Make a plan for how you'll live an impactful and fulfilling life.

Take action now to help others and best set yourself up for the future.

"A succinct and engaging overview of important ideas!"

- Hugo V.

"Clear, data-driven, and actionable! Inspired me to want to learn more!"

- Stephen M.

"Rather splendid. Easy to use, nice drawings, clear language."

- Niko K.

Course outline

Which problem should you work on?

Find an important problem where you can make the biggest difference.


How to achieve hundreds of times more

5 mins
10 slides

Choosing the most critical problem

7 mins
10 slides

We radically improved the world, and could again

3 mins
9 slides

How to be irreplaceable

5 mins
7 slides

Identifying and tackling prejudice

6 mins
14 slides

How to manage uncertainty in impact

7 mins
11 slides

Your most impactful, fulfilling career

How to best set yourself up for a world-changing career.


Making the most of your career

8 mins
9 slides

What to do when you’re uncertain

5 mins
9 slides

What to study at university

9 mins
13 slides

Compare your long-term paths


Create a plan that makes sense for you


How you can help now

Small actions that can have a big impact right now or set you up to achieve more later.


You can save lives without a medical degree

8 mins
10 slides

Join or build a community changing the world

7 mins

Confidently taking your next steps

7 mins

What to expect

Finish each lesson in 5-10 minutes, and the whole course in 1-2 hours

3 chapters, 14 lessons, 45 quizzes

No prerequisites, beginner-friendly

Always up-to-date, with relevant citations

Course outcomes

Learn core concepts for understanding the world, like how to make decisions under uncertainty

Reflect on your values and life goals

Answer quizzes to check your understanding

Consider what you should do in real-world scenarios

This course is for you if...

You want to find your path to making the biggest difference in the world

You want to apply big-picture ideas from science and philosophy to make smarter decisions

You want to learn the foundations of effective altruism - a philosophy and community focused on doing as much good as you can

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Peter McIntyre

Course author,

Founder of Non-trivial

Note from the author

I've started 2 non-profits that raise millions of dollars per year, ran operations at one of the most successful crypto startups, and advised hundreds of graduates from top universities on how to find a fulfilling, impactful career.

Before founding Non-trivial, I spent most of the last 5 years at 80,000 Hours, a non-profit that provides free online research and personalised career advice to talented undergraduates and young professionals.

I started out in medical school. After I discovered the ideas in this course, I realised I could have a much more scalable impact outside of seeing patients but by that point, I'd spent 7 years studying to be a doctor. I created this course so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did.

“For all aspiring do-gooders and young idealists: this is a fantastic, evidence-based course on 'how to (actually) change the world'. Some really useful stuff for teachers here as well.”

Rutger Bregman

Historian and Author

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